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Woopra is no longer Beta

Posted on October 17, 2009, under Webmaster.

Woopra, the impressive live tracking and analytics service, today announced that they are opening their doors for all new signups. Until today, new users had to be approved if they didn’t have an invite code.

About three weeks ago Woopra’s CEO, John Pozadzides, announced that we would be coming out of Beta very soon – and that moment has finally arrived!
With the launch of our new billing system and service offerings, all of our existing beta tester accounts have been placed in a “temporary” plan which will expire within 30 days.

You can read about these changes at the Woopra blog at:

With today’s public launch of Woopra, one of the biggest changes is the pricing. The Woopra Beta has been free for all users. Coming with the public launch is paid accounts. All current users are getting moved to the free account (pageviews limit: 250,000), with an option to upgrade to a premium account. Also, Woopra is supporting SSL, making SSL available to all paying clients. One of the big requests that users have requested is that Woopra support subdomains as well, and this is also being announced. You can find the full list of plans for Woopra here.

New Website: ECigarettes USA

Posted on October 15, 2009, under Webmaster.

Naples Webmasters is proud to announce the launch of the new ECigarettes USA website. ECigarettes USA was one of the first companies to sell ECigarettes in the United States. ECigarettes USA does not sell any products containing Nicotine. The new website includes video testimonials and tutorials using Youtube. In addition, the website has a full Ecommerce solution with custom credit card payment processing with