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Future of Flash

Posted on February 22, 2011, under Webmaster.

Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform used to add animation, video, and interactivity to web pages. Flash is frequently used for advertisements and games. More recently, it has been positioned as a tool for “Rich Internet Applications” (“RIAs”).

Most owner’s of Apple’s iPad and iPhone have noticed their desvices do not support Adobe’s Flash. Apple’s iPad and iPhone lines are expected to remain Flash-free for the foreseeable future. According to the company’s latest figures from the 2011 Mobile World Congress, more than 20 million smartphones have shipped with (or been upgraded to) its Flash Player 10.1 software. Adobe expects its total mobile Flash adoption to hit 132 million units worldwide by the end of 2011, and the company estimates that 50 tablets will feature Flash pre-installed (or available for download) by the end of the year as well. Adobe maintains that they have a 99% adoption rate among desktop computers.